Short Bio

Born in Avilés, Asturias, Javier Riera lives and works in Madrid. He studied Fine Arts at the University of Salamanca, and as a highlight during his professional training on the 90’s he participated in the workshops of artists of the Fine Arts Circle, such as Carlos León and Julian Schnabel. He started to exhibit in 1993 in Madrid and since then has come to do it regularly to the point that he has taken part in numerous collective exhibitions, being painting the usual medium till 2008.

In 2003 he received the Angel award and in 2006 he carried out a sample retrospective of a period of ten years at the Revillagigedo Palace in Gijón.

In 2008 he exhibited solo at the Reina Sofía National Museum and Art Centre a work in which he captured, through photography, projected light and geometry interventions on landscape. In 2010, he exhibited at the Barjola Museum, being his main contribution a photograph sequence which, projected on the main wall of the Trinidad Chapel, introduced the course of time in his work. He is constantly researching into the relationship between landscape and geometry, the latter being interpreted as the language which precedes matter and is capable of interacting with it in a subtle resonance revealing hidden qualities in its workspace.

In the latter years, he has started working directly in public spaces, through real time interventions of projected light onto the vegetation of parks and gardens. His most significant work was the one that took place at the Turia Gardens in Valencia, with which he extended his work to public spaces, treating them for the first time as exhibition sceneries through an open-air installation where 11 light projections showed on the vegetation of the Turia Gardens.

During 2014, he enwidens his range, making his photographic work and temporal sequences meet with two big blueprint books, which can be manipulated by the spectator at his show Synchronicity at the DA2 cultural center of Salamanca alongside Configurations and Resonances at the Adora Calvo Gallery, where aside from his usual photographs he created a specific intervention on the gallery’s wall about different mediums and supports that included video or blueprints on plasterboard pieces.

On the summer of 2015 he develops a great project for the Niemeyer Center in Avilés where animated light silhouettes, rotoscoped from real-life deer in nature, walked across the building’s dome, alluding to the usual animal representations in the primitive world.

Also on 2015 he took part in the Primary Sector exhibition at the MUSAC, with new projections o deer silhouettes, renewed blueprint books and photographs of landscape interventions at Babia and Laciana.

On 2016 he has carried out punctual interventions in public spaces for the MUSAC or Photoespaña as well as a great light projection during Prague’s Light festival in the  Karlovo náměstí Park, titled Garden in develoopment.

Since 2005 he teaches in the Degree of Fine Arts at the Francisco de Vitoria University of Madrid. His work is present in collections such as that of the Cajamadrid Foundation, Princess of Asturias Foundation, Bank of Spain Collection or the Reina Sofía National Museum and Art Centre.